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In the Press

"The View From the Fairlane"
Maine Seniors, 12/2020

An interview with Chaplain Eddie Greyfox Burgess. With his wellness mobile—a turquoise 1965 Ford Fairlane—and small band of helpers, Chaplain Eddie Greyfox Burgess is dedicated to helping troubled and homeless veterans and their families. He knows the importance of connecting one-on-one, of answering people’s calls for help, and of finding, visiting, and listening with empathy. This segment of the population, he points out, can be hard to see and hear, but their stories are powerful and deserving of attention...


"Mission Driven: Eddie Greyfox Burgess delivers curbside wellness"
Journey Magazine

Nothing draws a crowd like a turquoise 1965 Ford Fairlane shining in the sun—and that’s exactly what Eddie Greyfox Burgess was looking for in a “wellness mobile.”

“It was contemplating its life mission and its personal worth,” Burgess says, with dry humor. “I talked it out of going to the scrapyard, and it now has purpose and a better life. It does get a lot of attention, especially with all the flags on it.”

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